Sewer Billing-Rates

Rates as of 10/1/2018

Sewer — Metered Rate — Per Unit

  • If you have a meter, you will be billed $9.00 per unit (1 unit is 1,000 gallons).
  • There is a sewer minimum usage of $77.07 per quarter.
  • If you use under 9 units in a quarter (a quarter is 3 months), you will be charged a minimum of $77.07 per quarter for sewer usage.

Sewer — Flat Rate — Per REU

If you are connected to our sewer system but do not have a meter, you will be billed a $62.77 per month flat rate.

Howell Sewer Debt Fee

A fee of $50.10 will be billed quarterly to parcels with homes in established sewer districts that are not tapped into municipal sewer lines.