Public Notices

Howell Area Parks and Recreation Association

Effective January 1, 2016, Howell Township became a member of the Howell Area Parks and Recreation Association — HAPRA. For any questions regarding park passes or any class information, call 517-546-0693.

Trash Hauling Companies
Attached is a list of trash hauling companies that supply trash services for Howell Township.
Duncan Disposal is now owned and operated by Rizzo

Howell Township - Sewer and Water Connection Fees - December 12, 2016
If you have further questions please contact, 517-546-2817 ext. 101.

LESA - Livingston Education Service Agency
LESA - Livingston Education Service Agency - childhood programs. 517-540-6847.

2017 Township Road Projects
Please view the Howell Township gravel road improvements for 2017.

Citizens Alerting System

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please let you communities know that we now have a citizens alerting system available in the county.  
To participate, they need to sign up their mobile device or devices.  They may choose the alerting platforms, sequence of the alerting, and the alerts they would like to know about.  This system is set up for potentially life threatening alerts.  They will not receive notifications about community events as we want the alerting system to be specific for community safety.
By accessing the following link,
you can sign up to receive emergency notifications on cell devises via call, email, or text. This is a great FREE service designed to keep you in the loop during emergency events when you cannot access the television, radio or are in a place where you cannot hear tornado sirens. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Have a great week.
Therese Cremonte
Emergency Manager
Livingston County
1911 Tooley Rd.
Howell, MI 48855
517-540-7026 (office)
517-546-6788 (fax)